HP LCG is Boston's #1 resource for qualified RN staffing support for organizations, COVID-19 initiatives, and mobile testing sites. For private one to one clientele, we maintain our promise to deliver the highest standard of care based on guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and the Department of Public Health. Your safety always comes first!
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LCG is Boston’s mobile solution for health, wellness and recovery, founded under the idea that individuals can manage health & wellness goals right at home. With an always evolving care model, patients benefit from Greater Boston’s finest and most progressive health & wellness team that include vetted Registered Nurses and Doctor’s of Physical Therapy. We offer a variety of natural home and virtual therapies, helping individuals or families enhance their health, wellness, or recovery.

All team members are carefully selected to deliver concierge level services that fast track your personal goals. Clinical oversight is provided by a Director of Nursing and Director of Physical Therapy to ensure quality outcomes.


We set out to redefine traditional private care with a commitment to quality outcomes, with our patients’ health & wellness goals at the forefront of our mind.


All health professionals must be willing to undergo a state-mandated background check and are carefully vetted based on their clinical expertise.


Our nurses understand infection control and will come prepared with the necessary knowledge on PPE to ensure the health and safety of our patients and fellow colleagues.

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We value progressive health & wellness services and the quality of those who deliver them.

As an individual or organization, we make it easy for you to join the LCG movement. We offer a wide variety of professional health, wellness & recovery services, delivering expertise and progressive solutions that truly have an impact. We also understand that every individual is different, so our professionals work directly with you to place your personal preferences and wellness goals at the forefront.

Aaron Chan, RN, Director of Nursing & Operations

Partnership: Join Our Vision

Being an LCG partner means that you receive a new and fresh perspective on health & wellness.

Care Coordination

Carefully organized and accessible resources to ensure that all patients are treated with the care they deserve.

Clinical Oversight

We make communication and collaboration easy and seamless for everyone involved.

Qualified Professionals

We are a team of progressive-minded Registered Nurses and Doctors of Physical Therapy who adapt to your personalized needs and goals.

HP Legacy Care Group

In The Community

A look inside our community outreach programs, networking events, and involvement in the Massachusetts COVID-19 response!

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