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Our Philosophy

How We Treat

Elevate your wellness and reach peak physical performance for a healthier, happier you. LCG 1:1 sessions are with a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), removing the guesswork and fast tracking physical therapy, workout recovery and everyday wellness goals. We want you to feel well physically and emotionally, with professional guidance and proven therapies that come right to your doorstep, so you can save time for the things that matter most. No two Physical Therapy or Wellness & Recovery Sessions are the same. Our DPTs use the LCG Method to create a custom care plan catered to your personal needs.

What is The LCG Method?

The LCG Method is built on [what makes us different? our core values?].

1) Body Resume: Comprehensive, full-body evaluation.

2) Individualized Treatment: Customized care fit to meet your individual goals.

3) 60-minute Session: Exclusive access to a DPT for a full 60 minutes.

4) Mobile Solution: Convenient. We come to you.

5) Proactive Care: Learn body awareness to prevent poor movement habits.

6) Our ToolKit: Our DPTs treat using a variety of alternative therapy techniques based on each individual’s needs. We customize your visit with our toolkit, which includes Dry Needling, Normatec Compression, Percussion Massage, Strength & Conditioning, the Graston Technique, IASTM. Learn more [here].

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How it Works

All clients begin with an Initial Visit with one of LCG’s DPTs. We come to your location of choice with equipment in hand and conduct a [BLANK – assessment? screen?] to determine [BLANK]. Using our ToolKit, we will create a custom care plan that addresses your needs and goals over the course of your [treatment plan?].

From there, each session is booked as a Follow-up Visit.

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