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Part of the Wellness & Fitness Evaluation service

Strength and Conditioning is one of many alternative therapies that may be administered as part of a Wellness & Fitness Evaluation/Follow-up service (depending on the client’s needs and goals) and is not bookable as an independent service.

Strength & Conditioning

Muscle strength and conditioning is an essential factor in maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. Our team of physical therapists applies scientific and evidence-based knowledge to help you achieve maximum results in fitness and performance. We are highly skilled at identifying imbalances in strength, flexibility, stability, and mobility. We will create a personalized program to correct these imbalances to improve performance and decrease the risk of injury.

a trainer helping a woman lift weights for a strength and conditioning routine

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Who Can Benefit from Strength and Conditioning?

Anyone can benefit from a routine strength and conditioning program.

  • Recreational athletes
  • Professional athlete
  • Senior citizens
  • Laborer
  • Desk-bound office workers

Strength and Conditioning Services in Boston, MA

LCG Boston serves the greater Boston metro area and can provide concierge strength and conditioning support for any individual.


Our team of Physical Therapists (DPT’s) bring you the best mobile in-home therapies for up to 7 days per week. These include a team of seasoned DPT’s who have diverse backgrounds in sports medicine, injury prevention and recovery, chronic illness, and more. With client-specific goals at the forefront of our minds, we deliver a personalized experience that is fine-tuned to each individual’s wellness and recovery goals.

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