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Hospital Bedside Care

Much as you’d like to, it’s often not possible to remain at your loved one’s side during their entire hospital stay or while recovering at home. And often, the family just needs respite from the stress and fatigue of caregiving. At the same time, being away can lead to anxiety about the person you deeply care about.

No matter the patient’s condition, or whether recovery is expected to be long or short, it’s reassuring to know that an expertly trained Registered Nurse will be right there, providing personalized support and basic assistance. This can make all the difference to the comfort and care of the patient—and your peace of mind.

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Hospital Bedside Care Services

Our goal in providing hospitalization support is to expertly enhance the quality of the patient experience, while promoting quality care and a safe recovery process. You can expect your nurse to:

  • Monitor a patient’s symptoms and note any changes that might require attention
  • Ensure that the patient is receiving proper medical care and advocating when needed
  • Act as a bridge between the patient, hospital staff, other care professionals, and family
  • Gauging and responding to the patient’s personalized needs

Attending to the patients comfort levels, such as making sure that blankets, food or water are at hand.

Hospital Bedside Care Services in Boston, MA

HP Legacy Care Group serves the greater Boston metro area and can provide customized bedside assistance services for any individual.

Understanding the process

Benefits of Hospital Bedside Care

Having a clinical expert with a strong clinical background can be invaluable. It’s easy to get confused and frustrated, especially during a hospital stay, but a trained private nurse can ease the way. For example, a private nurse can be an advocate for difficult decisions and help patient’s understanding complex terminology. Or they can assist the patient with urgent needs such as toileting, rather than waiting for overburdened hospital staff. Or instead of having unnecessary discomfort, the nurse can quickly make medication recommendations or assist in minor adjustments to positioning. Patient’s may also benefit from continuous companionship and emotional support from a professional.

With continuous, personalized support, the hospital stay and transition back to a regular routine is likely to be smoother. In more difficult situations, the quality of care coordination will likely be enhanced. With HP Legacy’s hospital and bedside services, our patient’s can be confident that they’re receiving the care and comfort they deserve.


Our team of Registered Nurses deliver a premier level of private in-home nursing care for up to 24 hours per day. These include nurses with extensive home care, intensive care unit and inpatient background to provide an unparalleled level of care for every client we serve. We screen for skill and hire for character, compassion and empathy to provide expert clinical oversight, peace of mind and confidence for short-term, long-term and complex care situations.

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