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Golf Assessment & Mobility

Are you looking to increase power, mobility, accuracy, and consistency for your golf game? Do you have an injury or soreness that is impacting your golf swing? We can design a custom golf program to improve your body’s performance related to your golf swing. Our golf rehabilitation and fitness program is based on the research and development performed at the Titleist Performance Institute and can help golfers of all ages and skill levels!

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What to Expect

Your personal golf program will begin with a comprehensive evaluation completed by a Physical Therapist who is both a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Instructor and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Assessment includes a physical examination of strength, flexibility, posture, range of motion, core stability, rotational mobility, power, and other characteristics critical to the golf swing.

We will use the results of the comprehensive evaluation to develop a personalized program to help you achieve your specific goals and inspire golfers of all levels to be their best. Typically programs include sessions with the PT 1-2x/week during which the PT may use soft tissue techniques, manual therapy, strengthening exercises, stability exercises, and a home exercise program to optimize your body and maximize your swing. Each experience will be custom designed and can be as simple or intense as you desire to reach your personal goals.

Golf Assessment Services in Boston, MA

LCG Boston serves the greater Boston metro area and can provide concierge golf assessment and mobility support for any individual.


Our team of Physical Therapists (DPT’s) bring you the best mobile in-home therapies for up to 7 days per week. These include a team of seasoned DPT’s who have diverse backgrounds in sports medicine, injury prevention and recovery, chronic illness, and more. With client-specific goals at the forefront of our minds, we deliver a personalized experience that is fine-tuned to each individual’s wellness and recovery goals.

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