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Senior & Elderly Care

Aging with dignity is a primary concern for seniors and the elderly. For those requiring some degree of assistance with daily activities and health care management, remaining in the comfort of their own home and community is a priority. Unfortunately, the home environment often presents a range of risks and challenges, from safely coming down a flight of stairs, to meal preparation, to transportation, and more. HP Legacy Care’s concierge private nursing care offers an ideal solution for those who need senior care and elderly care or for families who need additional support for their loved ones.

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Senior In-Home Care Services

In-home senior care and elder care is a family solution. The senior or elder remains at home, living according to their preferences and needs, with the assistance of trained professionals. The family gains peace of mind about the safety and overall well-being of their loved one. Based on an individualized plan, our experts will provide the right team of Registered Nurses, all of whom have extensive clinical background.


When a senior or elder requires a simple visit, supervision, or support with recreational activities.


Assistance with obtaining groceries and other household necessities.


For patients who need help bathing, dressing, toileting, or other personal care.


Escort and transportation assistance for patients who have places to be!


Transportation to and assistance at medical appointments, including note-taking, and obtaining prescriptions.


Assistance with maintaining and adhering to a medication schedule.


For patients who wish to attend events with a companion, or who simply need help getting there.


Assistance with basic household duties in order to maintain and clean and safe environment for the patient.

Senior Care Services in Boston, MA

LCG Boston serves the greater Boston metro area and can provide customized senior and elderly in-home care for any individual.

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Benefits of Home Senior Care

In-home senior care or elderly care meets the needs of a particular group of seniors and elders: those who are capable but require additional daily help. Our clients may be experiencing chronic disease, arthritis, limited mobility, vision impairment, risk for falls, or similarly challenging conditions. Regardless of your particular situation, we will work together with you to create an appropriate, tailored care management plan and routine that improves quality of life, starting with patient safety and health. This may include such areas as exercise and therapy, nutrition and dietary management, and medication management. Other important areas that can be addressed are improved socialization, especially for isolated elders and decreased stress and anxiety about getting to appointments, accomplishing daily tasks, and more.

No matter your situation, we can help you determine the best in-home care plan, one that provides dignity and meets the specific needs of your entire family.


Our team of Registered Nurses deliver a premier level of private in-home nursing care for up to 24 hours per day. These include nurses with extensive home care, intensive care unit and inpatient background to provide an unparalleled level of care for every client we serve. We screen for skill and hire for character, compassion and empathy to provide expert clinical oversight, peace of mind and confidence for short-term, long-term and complex care situations.

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