COVID-19 Vaccination Resources

Mobility Impairments

Accommodations for individuals with mobility impairments include:

  • Accessible parking for wheelchair users and guests with limited mobility.
  • If you require a wheelchair, you are welcome and encouraged to bring your own. We also have wheelchairs available on-site, and our staff is trained to transport clients using them.
  • Seating available for people in all areas throughout the site where they may have to wait.
  • Aisles are not blocked by chairs, equipment, etc., and are wide enough for wheelchairs.
  • A dedicated accessible vax station with a queue that is roomy enough for clients who are using wheelchairs. Individuals with other mobility impairments can use this station too.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

Accommodations for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing include:

  • Clear face masks will be worn by staff regularly
  • Arrangements can be made for dedicated ASL interpreters to be on site. This accommodation may take up to 2 weeks to secure.
  • Tablets are available to type out communication if needed for someone who is Deaf. Video remote interpreting (VRI) is also available.
  • COVID Indicator Cards are available at every station – registration, vaccination, and recovery. Also available in Spanish.

Blind and Visually Impaired Persons

Accommodations for people who are blind or who have limited sight include:

  • Aisles are free of any obstructions and tripping hazards – chairs, equipment, bags, etc.
  • Service animals are allowed in all areas of the site – as long as the dog remains with its owner and doesn’t pose a “direct threat.”

Mental Health and Behavioral Disabilities

Mental health issues have exacerbated during COVID.  The experience of going into a vaccination site will be anxiety provoking for everyone, but even more so for those who have existing mental health disabilities and behavioral issues.  Accommodations for people who have mental health or behavioral disabilities include:

  • A space set up in a quiet, uncrowded area with a chair, so people who need space to check their behaviors will have an area to do so.
  • Managers will be available to support front-facing if any behavioral issues arise.

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