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Surgery Care

Before and After Cosmetic Surgery

Reaching peak emotional and physical wellbeing is a worthwhile goal, and enhancing our beauty can be one step on that path. Our patient’s have made an investment in that process, and we honor their beauty goals by giving them qualified, concierge level nursing support before, during and immediately following a cosmetic procedure. HP Legacy Care Group’s specially trained Registered Nurses are able to provide the private, concierge-level support patient’s need to recover safely and confidently, in the comfort of home.

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Cosmetic Surgery Care

You have made an important step in improving your sense of self, and we are with you! Cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries are safer and less invasive than ever before—but they still require planning and clinical support. While clinical reassessment, pain management and safety are our top concerns during the immediate recovery, having a private RN professional for aftercare has additional benefits. Our patients find they worry less, are more comfortable, and feel at ease knowing that a highly skilled professional is overseeing their condition, providing qualified guidance, and even taking on routine household tasks to allow for a stress free recovery.

Cosmetic Surgery Care Services in Boston, MA

HP Legacy Care Group serves the greater Boston metro area and can provide concierge cosmetic surgery support for any individual.

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Cosmetic Surgery Care Services

Some of Boston’s best plastic surgeons recommend our services to help advance their patient’s recovery. We partner with some of Boston’s finest plastic surgeons, such as Dr. Joseph Russo, a board-certified, Harvard-trained Plastic Surgeon, to provide premium support services for before, during and after a cosmetic procedure.

As with any other surgery, a procedure will include discharge instructions that must be properly followed to assure the smoothest recovery possible. This can be hard with the post-op discomfort and fatigue that patient’s experience. Our patient’s can rest easier knowing there’s a qualified RN who will keep them on track to safely transition back to everyday life. And, on top of all medical and personal care, our registered nurses provide education, guidance and peace of mind as you recover and move on to the beautiful life you have planned for yourself. Your private nurse may be called upon to:


Transportation to and from your cosmetic procedure.


Manage your post-op instructions provided by your surgeon


Monitor your condition and look for any unexpected changes.


Support any personal care needs during recovery.


Assess and change surgical dressings as needed.


Assist with medications and pain management.


Assist with common household tasks, short errands and meal preparation.


Our team of Registered Nurses deliver a premier level of private in-home nursing care for up to 24 hours per day. These include nurses with extensive home care, intensive care unit and inpatient background to provide an unparalleled level of care for every client we serve. We screen for skill and hire for character, compassion and empathy to provide expert clinical oversight, peace of mind and confidence for short-term, long-term and complex care situations.

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